Booking Systems For the People Moving Industry

SAASASKI’s ethos for delivering service to our customers would be grounded in building and maintaining strong customer relationships. Our target is small to medium-size businesses so we can liaise directly with the business owner. The journey began as a Value-Added Reseller of smartphone apps for both iOS and Android, however, our customers were demanding it be more functional and intelligent than just a consumer facing marketing tool. We learnt that our customers were time-poor requiring to meet the same responsibilities as their bigger size competitors. With less staff and resources it meant the business owner was burdened to manage the overload. They looked to us to help even up the playing field. So our team identified that an ERP system would be the tool to achieve this, however, an ERP system was never affordable, until now…

Modules & Features

To drive your vehicle, place the key in the ignition, turn the key and your vehicle is ready for you to drive it to your destination. Under the bonnet, there are many systems in operation so that your vehicle can be driven, yet there is only one engine.


Similarly, under the bonnet of our Booking System, known as ASKI, it is made up of many modules and features integrated into the one system optimised to operate as the single engine to run your business. This one single system is a turnkey solution that will underpin your business operations. Check out under the bonnet of ASKI…



SAASASKI’s unique selling proposition is an integrated financials with bookings and payments – this is our Point of Difference!

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Synchronous communication in real-time makes your business dynamic. It includes your customers and community of users.

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SAASASKI empowers a “trusted” super-user of your organisation to be the administrator of the system.

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Customer Facing

It’s all about the customer. You’ve spent time, money and effort to market your service, booking is the final step.

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Driver Facing

If you are the driver or someone else is driving your vehicle, communication is paramount.

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Extended Modules

Sales and Distribution, Warehouse and Logistics, Point of Sale, Manufacturing and Organic Food Growers available. Contact us to discuss.


Shuttles & Transfers

For Shuttle Bus Operators such as Airport Shuttle or Courtesy Shuttle with Owner Driver operators or Contracted Drivers

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For Tour operators, Reseller of Tours, Wholesaler of Tours, Coach and accommodation tour, day trippers.

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Bus Operations

For operators of Regular Passenger Services, Outer Metropolitan or regional Buses including school buses

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Self Drive Hire

For rental operators of cars, buses, vans, special needs vehicles at single or multiple sites

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Charters & Limousines

For Limousine operators and Bus Charter services used for special events, weddings, or group transportation

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Corporate, Government Fleets

For corporations or government that own their fleet or manage a fleet owned by another organisation ... coming soon

Booking System and Integrated Financials

SAASASKI’s unique selling proposition is an integrated financials with bookings and payments – this is our Point of Difference! It means, from the moment your customer completes their online booking and payment, their tax invoice and payment receipt is auto-generated by the system and transaction records in corresponding accounting ledgers such as the sales journal, COGS, BAS journal, receipts journal are all updated in real-time by the system, without human interaction. The system sends the invoice or tax receipt with a confirmation email directly to your customer. Can you see this as an efficient operation for your business?

Software-as-a-Service Booking System

In 2012, SAASASKI sought out an ERP company that would deliver the difference for our customers. Our ERP partner of choice had over a decade of proven capabilities with multi-million dollar enterprises and government departments running their ERP system.  We approached them and timing to engage was opportune where they were also looking for a new project to invest in – ERP for small business.


So a partnership was formed and we executed on our business plan and sales model that stressed the need to make this solution affordable for small business.  Two years later the booking system, known as ASKI, was launched, extending the ERP system to integrate with a smartphone app and web booking page. SAASASKI met the objective for our customers – to deliver a subscription-based, affordable, single end-to-end technological system for small business operators who need a booking system. Now, you can afford to compete with the big boys.

Customisable Features


SAASASKI’s booking system is perfect for businesses that provide transport and activity services, such as bus and coach services, managing bus and coach day tours, vehicle hire, shuttle bus services, charter trips plus booking of activities. We continue to extend each feature set so as to meet the ever changing requirements to statutory regulations and customer demands.


Such was the case when we recognised TomTom’s exceptional technology in the transport industry. SAASASKI adds more value to our customers operations with the integration to TomTom. The booking system collects driver hours, rest times, driver vehicle handling to automate generation of timesheets, payroll processing, update of driver records and logging of rest periods for compliance plus much more. SAASASKI is a value-added reseller for TomTom solutions giving you the one-stop shop for a single turnkey solution.


The agility and flexibility of extending ASKI booking system’s features gives SAASASKI the advantage over our competitors.  The result is, you enjoy the benefits of having a dynamic solution that gives you the edge over your competitors.

Security. Privacy. Protection.

Securing your data and your customer’s private information is our first responsibility. It starts with the design of the framework supporting the software solution.


Because our solution is not browser-based we don’t require cookies, so there is better control to secure the application. Also, the application is server-centric thus all intelligence resides in the server with synchronous communication of field data exchanged between the server and the endpoint, better known as thin client technology. The system has proven unpenetrable for more than a decade, however, our security vigilance remains an ongoing concern.


All data journeys to and from the cloud is encrypted. The solution is hosted in a local Tier 2 Enterprise Grade data centre to ensure your data is secure and the speed of the fibre connection is optimised 24×7 with data replication at dual sites. Automation of data snapshots and backups at multiple sites are continuous at regular intervals to ensure zero loss of data. All data remains in Australia.


As a client of SAASASKI, you can have the confidence that we are giving you peace of mind that your customer’s data and transactions are protected and you remain compliant to the Australian Privacy law. Time to do business!