About SAASASKI – we are an Australian wholly owned and operated company provisioning software booking solutions with an ORCA difference:


One system that is fully integrated, that accepts and processes bookings from your customer through a mobile phone, tablet or website and routes this through our backoffice system, known as “ASKI”, that incorporates a fully featured ERP system.  Truly, one single system gives you a streamlined business operation.


Real-Time processing of your customer’s bookings and payments minimises errors, improves time efficiencies, reduces operational costs thus streamlining your business operations.  ASKI is an acronym for Apps Serving Kinetic Information because the data is moving through your organisation according to your workflow in real-time.


Customised to allow full contextualising of the ASKI Booking System to suit your business branding and workflow. How can you have a competitive edge if everyone operates the same system? We deliver your competitive edge through customisation.


Accessible from a laptop or office computer or mobile smart device that is connected to the internet, ASKI is brought to you on a Software-As-A-Service platform i.e. cloud-based, making it affordable for small to medium sized businesses for a monthly subscription, giving you the ability to trade 24×7 from any location globally.