ASKI Check-in

1. What is the ASKI Check-in device?


It is a real-time multi-purpose Integrated E Ticket Check-in device that uses the tap on tap off method to record distance travelled, time and location of boarding and disembarking. Other functionalities include driver start times, finish times, recording pre-departure safety check, live manifest display and provides the backend a “real- time” map view of the vehicle’s location. It also has a forward/rear-facing camera. It provides a “tap and go” terminal for credit card payments and a scanning facility for barcodes associated to tickets, all with the smarts of the ASKI Booking System as the driving force.

2. What software applications are used to operate ASKI Check-in?

  • ASKI Driver Portal
  • ASKI Passenger App
  • ASKI Booking System

3. How does it work?

ASKI Driver Portal

  • The driver taps on to activate the device with his electronic smartcard.
  • Driver logs on and records the pre-departure safety check has been completed.
  • The driver can view manifest on the LED screen.
  • The driver can operate the rear-facing safety camera at their discretion.
  • The forward-facing dash cam starts recording when the device is activated and loops in 10 minute intervals.
  • The GPS signal is activated from the moment the Driver clicks “start” to start run.

ASKI Passenger App

  • Tap on tap off with either your electronic smartcard or electronic ticket (paper form or smartphone).
  • View live map on vehicle approach.
  • Top-up credit to your account.
  • Parent portal available for parents to view location of their child on school excursions or charter services.

ASKI Booking System

  • The operations’ staff will have the following data at hand:-
    • Live map view of the vehicle’s location
    • Driver logged onto the run
    • Start time, finish time
    • Pre-departure safety check document attached to vehicle record
    • Start location, finish location
    • The number of passengers carried
    • A map view of the run completed


  • The ASKI Booking System is the core holistic system. From the booking being entered into the system to the full operations required by the business operator to manage that booking, the ASKI Booking system manages the processes from start to completion. The ASKI Booking System manages the full workflow from frontend to backend as well as all the integrated portal systems and apps for drivers, corporate customers, passengers, booking agents, hotels etc, all in real-time, which establishes the ASKI Booking System as being the master of a single integrated system.

ASKI Booking System (contd)


  • The system can auto-generate barcodes for direct sales.
  • All financial transactions made by the customer online or on the vehicle are automatically processed directly into the ASKI Booking System’s integrated accounting system.
  • All sales transactions automate generation of customer receipt that is automatically emailed to the customer.

4. What are the features of the ASKI Check-in?

  • USB powered
  • Lightweight to carry on/off vehicle
  • Robust UV stabilised material
  • Inset LED screen for extra protection
  • Sleek design, smooth surface, aesthetically pleasing to the eye
  • Single SIM Card and SD Card Slot for storing still shots or video recordings
  • 5 megapixel camera to operate as a dash cam or record an incident on your vehicle

5. What scenarios best suit ASKI Check-in solution?

  • School Excursions
  • Transportation to Major Events
  • Hop On Hop Off Travellers
  • Large Group Charters
  • Regular Route Service
  • Time and Distance Travel
  • Point 2 Point Travel
  • Loyalty or Regular Commuters
  • Travel Club memberships

Typical application CATEGORIES for the ASKI Check-in Solution:-

  • Route
    Deemed as being a passenger who boards a route service with an electronic card to tap on tap off. The system will calculate the cost of the distance travelled.  If the passenger neglects to tap off, then the system will charge to that passenger, the full distance of the route at the end of the driver’s bus run.
  • Point 2 Point
    Pre-paid or paid on the day
  • Hop on Hop off
    Tap on and tap off multiple times in any one day or within a set period
  • Large Groups Excursions or Events
    For fast boarding of large numbers of passengers onto multiple vehicles such as school excursions, sporting events, concerts or corporate functions.
  • Club Member
    Loyalty card to use your services
  • Frequent Traveller
    Deemed as being a passenger who travels frequently using your services
  • Corporate Passenger
    To record individual staff member’s trips

Email your expressions of interest (obligation-free) with the CATEGORIES that suit your business to:-