Driver Facing

driver facing

Driver Communication a Priority:

If you are the driver or someone else is driving your vehicle, communication is paramount.  The Driver Portal continues our community-centric philosophy that the driver needs to communicate to the passenger and to the office.

Driver Portal:

The driver’s portal is a browser app designed for the driver to view the manifest.  It also allows the driver to record expenses and even take walk-on fares, collect payment either by cash or credit card and reconcile expenses against cash collected at the end of each day.

Driver to Passenger:

As the driver collects his passengers from each pickup point, their pickup status is updated in the driver’s portal.  This can be used to trigger an SMS notification to the passenger that the driver is 10 minutes away from pickup.  The SMS notification is a template that allows different triggers to trigger different notifications.



The TomTom is wired into your vehicle giving you transparency on driver behaviour and vehicle tracking 24×7.  Once your driver logs into the TomTom, their driving hours and rest time can be recorded for their timesheet.  Any driver incidents from hard cornering or harsh braking is captured to the driver’s card in the system for review by HR.  You can enjoy the peace of mind knowing where and how your vehicles are being driven.