Hi SAASASKI,  I have 1 bus, so how will I save money by using your system?


You will save administration costs.  Here are a couple of scenarios.


Scenario 1:

Say you received 4 bookings on average per day electronically, therefore in 1 month that is a total of 120 bookings and if you spent on average 2 minutes per booking to re-enter that information into your booking system, then total time is 4 hours per month.  If your staff member is paid $25 per hour that is a cost saving of $100 per month.


Scenario 2:

Most companies use either Xero or MYOB as their accounting package.  If generation of invoice, processing of payment, attaching to confirmation and sending to customer takes an average of 5 minutes per booking, then for 120 bookings per month total time is 10 hours per month.  If your staff member is paid $25 per hour that is a cost saving of $250 per month.  Other savings includes 100% elimination cost of Xero or MYOB and significant savings on hourly book-keeping fees.

Can you please tell me what happens to my data after I stop using the booking system?


On receiving your termination notice, your system remains operational, however, access will be restricted to the super user only for 30 days allowing ample time to export all your data to CSV files.   A super user is delegated by your company at the implementation phase, and is a trusted member of staff accessing all your company’s data.

What if I find out after the implementation that the system isn’t the right fit for my business?


With all new clients, we offer a three month cooling off period from go-live date after implementation, where you can end all agreements without any further obligations.

How long does it take from signup to running the system?


The average implementation time is 4-7 working days, after receiving the completed documentation from the client. Every implementation is different due to the fact that not everyone runs their business exactly the same way, with the same business rules and processes.

By using this Booking System do I remain PCI Compliant?


The system does NOT store Credit Card detail which keeps you compliant. The manual keying of the credit card details into the booking page, once entered, the user can only see the first four and last four numbers.  The popup confirming the transaction will display the full number prior to approving the amount.  Once the payment is completed, only the transaction verification number is recorded for reconciling purposes. All other personal details are stored in an encrypted database and the payment transaction is transported over SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which means the line is encrypted during the transaction process.

Is my data safe and does anyone else get to see my data?


  • Our servers are maintained in an Australian-operated local Tier 2 Data Centre that manage customers such as medium sized I.T. companies, government agencies, utilities, coal mines and health funds. They have two locations, each replicating the data so that in the event of any catastrophic event, the second site will seamlessly continue without any interruption to your business continuity.  Beyond this, we snapshot data every 20 minutes.  In the unlikely event of a catastrophic disaster where both sites are affected, the maximum data that can be lost is the previous 20 minutes preceding that disaster.


  • Our policy restricts anyone other than the super user to have access to all your data. Your company will delegate a super user, or you may choose to have multiple super users.

What do I have to do as part of the setting up of the system?


Firstly, your organisation will delegate a super user.  We then provide you with electronic forms (templates) relevant for the different areas of your business collecting information needed to enter into the system.  On receipt of the completed files we work closely with your super user transferring the data into the system.  In this way, your super user becomes familiar and knowledgeable from the administrative side of the system.  We test the system with dummy sets of data for accuracy, then we “go live”.

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