Self Drive Hire

For rental operators of cars, buses, vans, special needs

vehicles at single or multiple sites

ASKI Special Needs Vehicles

Customer Facing

      • Registration to access customer web portal
      • Book & Pay through Web or Smartphone App
      • Email Notification
      • Email attachment of Tax Receipt/Invoice
      • SMS or Push Notification dialog between Driver and Office


    • Driver details captured if the driver is not the one hiring the vehicle
    • Vehicle checks prior to and after hire
    • Swap out for service if long term hire
    • Charges configurable based on kilometres traveled or a flat rate
    • Extras charged if:
        • fuel tank not full
        • excess kilometres traveled
        • vehicle damage

Hire Wizard

  • Accept or Reject according to Driver history
  • Add penalty rates
  • Reduce rates for loyalty or length of hire
  • Check drivers license to match eligibility for vehicle type or size