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For Tour Operators, Reseller of Tours, Wholesaler of Tours, Coach

and Accommodation Tour, Day Trippers


The Customer Facing and Driver Facing modules have been customised to suit features of the tour bus industry.  If you require further customisations of screen layout, field names to suit workflow, this is easily managed.  Phone for a demonstration.

Driver Facing

  • Automated login of hours
  • Driver’s Manifest and Itinerary available through Driver Portal
  • TomTom integration for destinations
  • Vehicle safety checks logged on driver card
  • Ability to take credit card payments through the Driver Portal
  • Log expenses netted against cash collected
  • Business communication to office via TomTom and Driver Portal
  • Ability to submit incidents to office through Driver Portal

Customer Facing

  • Booking and payment of tours
  • View scheduled tours
  • Book and pay for individual activities
  • Automated pricing and discounts applied to tours and activities
  • Individual tour timetables for departure times for an activity
  • Push notifications to give a 15-minute notice for boarding
  • Rolling itinerary while on-tour
  • Customer rating for tour operator’s marketing


  • Over-the-phone bookings data entry
  • Acceptance of phone booking and payment entered directly into the ASKI Booking System
  • Select vehicle and driver and attach service vouchers
  • Manage vehicle maintenance and service

Tour Management

  • Trip and Event Planner
  • Review history of previous tours for tour planning
  • CMS to update tour information published to website and smartphone apps

Email Scraping

When you receive a booking from your tour agent in the form of an email, did you think to yourself, why re-enter this data into my system?  Immediately, there are 3 potential issues (1) data entry error (2) waste of productivity time 1-2 minutes per booking (3) booking replication

We address the issue with a drag and drop of the email booking into your booking form and the booking form is auto-populated with information from the email.

Driver Rostering

As the Operations Manager, when do you hit that panic button?  When your driver fails to pick up his first passengers?  When your driver fails to give his 30-minutes notice that he is ready to start his shift?  When the driver fails to show up at the depot?  We have a rostering system that each driver can self-manage easily through our Driver Portal app available on any tablet or smartphone.

6-Week Rolling Roster

Your drivers can see their rosters 6-weeks in advance and thus better planning of their leave time supports a well managed roster system.  Some tour companies require all drivers to see each other’s roster or each driver to access their own roster.  Whatever the business rules, we configure the system to automate triggers of events according to your workflow.

Collecting Lunch Orders

As the tour guide and driver of your tour group, multi-tasking is your speciality.  Your main focus is on the traffic and road conditions, ensuring safety and comfort of your passengers, giving commentary on the landscape and landmarks.  Yet, the most tedious job is collecting the pre-order of your passengers’ meals.  We simplify the lunch order with 2 functions such as: (1) enter a quantity for each meal required according to their dietary needs e.g. gluten-free, vegetarian dairy-free etc. and (2) click the send button.  We automate the rest.

The restaurant receives lunch orders; driver can take payment through the portal for unpaid lunches; each meal and payment is recorded and matched against the tour code.