Bus Operations

For operators of Regular Passenger Services, Outer Metropolitan

or regional Buses including school buses



SAASASKI has recognised the importance of managing scheduled bus services according to the contractual agreement.


This feature pays particular attention to the compliance of meeting the obligations of the contract so that any changes in the execution is traced to any changes made in the contract.


      • Contract bus services is where a contract for repeating bus services exists with set pickups and drop offs
      • A contract may require change of driver during a route (extended routes)
      • Passengers travel free
      • Pickup and drop off times are important
      • KPI for School Bus Runs
      • KPI for Construction Site Transport to Public Transport
      • KPI Conventions and other large events
school bus

Dashboard of KPI’s:

A dashboard displaying key performance indicators (KPI) is critical to ensure obligations are met contractually and during any audit the reports are easily generated and accessed.