Shuttles & Transfers

For Shuttle Bus Operators such as Airport Shuttle or Courtesy Shuttle

with Owner Driver operators or Contracted Drivers


Customer Facing

      • Registration to access customer web portal
      • Book & Pay through Web or Smartphone App
      • Email Notification
      • Email attachment of Tax Receipt/Invoice
      • SMS or Push Notification dialog between Customer and Driver or Driver and Office or Office and Customer

The Customer Facing and Driver Facing modules have been customised to suit features of the shuttle and transfers bus industry. If you require further customisations of screens, field names to suit workflow, this is easily managed.  To request a demonstration, phone SAASASKI on 1300 303 353.

Driver  Facing

      • Accept Driver Run sheet
      • Login/Logout on TomTom for timesheet management
      • Logging of rest periods to manage compliance
      • Use app on Driver portal for Vehicle safety checks or incident reporting
      • Use app on Driver Portal to access passenger manifest
      • Pickup information displayed on TomTom and voice-activated for route directions
      • Update driver portal for no-shows
      • Use app on Driver portal to accept walk-on fares and payment of credit card or cash
      • Use app on Driver portal to reconcile expenses against cash collected
white small bus


      • Financials <.. more ..>
      • Communications <.. more ..>
      • Administration <.. more .. >
      • Over-the-phone bookings data entry
      • Acceptance of phone booking and payment entered directly into the ASKI Booking System
      • Select vehicle and driver and append jobs to driver run sheets
      • Manage vehicle maintenance and service
      • Assign pickups to delegate community