ASKI Check-in SmartCards

Multiple Small CC on stand large

Marketing to your customer couldn’t be easier.


Easy pickings for the traveler who can pick their tour or activity whether they are with their travel agent, Visitors Information Centre, Concierge/Hotel, Airport, Bus Terminal, Train Terminal – this highly visible countertop display or floor display is sure to catch your customer’s eye.


The LCD Screen runs a loop advertising your tour or activity. When the customer selects your smartcard the QR code will drop them into our Tour/Activity Registration page.  Your Tour or Activity Options are displayed.  The customer can either “book and pay” for their tour or activity or “buy credit” on their smartcard for future use.  Both the booking and the payment goes directly to you.


The applications for the use of this card are enormous.  The customer taps their smartcard on the ASKI Check-in as they board, disembark, at point of entry, ride or fly or however you wish to check-in your customers to board your tour or attend your activity.  On each tap, we’ve taken care of all the smarts in the backend.


Choose how you want the smartcard to work best for you.


ASKI makes it simple for both you and your customer.